About us

MommyFanatic.com is a multi-faceted site that strives to connect digital parents – particularly Mothers – with all the most effective and desired products in the areas of Health and Fitness, Fashion Jewelry Accessories, Women’s Apparel, and Household and Personal Novelties. Our priority is to make your hectic life function with greater comfort, ease and joy. Pursue your personal fitness goals, assemble the perfect summer wardrobe and keep the household running like a well-oiled machine, all with one quick check-out.


With more than 80% of purchasing decisions left up to the mommies of the world, sorting through that vast expanse called the internet for the highest-quality, most effective parenting products might seem overwhelming. Don’t click from site to site, buying one item from that big-box baby store and another from an on-line fashion boutique. No one should be able to recite their credit card number faster than their children’s birthdays! MommyFanatic.com cuts through the e-commerce clutter and curates the ultimate collection of healthcare products, clothing, and gift-giving ideas.


Mothers -- whether employed outside the home or at home with young children -- are the most time-pressed people in the nation. When your goal is to spend as much quality time with your family as possible, you don’t want to spend hours scouring the web to piece together everything on your shopping list. MommyFanatic.com is a central location for that digital pacifier thermometer, the make-up brushes that maintain your flawless appearance, and the perfect birthday gift for your canine-loving father-in-law. The convenience of our one-stop shopping site will have other mothers wondering how you add extra hours to your day.


We proudly boast Verified Secure Checkout so you can shop with peace of mind. With 24/7 Customer Support and easy returns and exchanges, you’ll spend less time “hunting and gathering” for your family, and more time reveling in the joys of motherhood.